datadice is a business intelligence agency in Coburg / Berlin.


We're specialists in data warehousing, digital analytics solutions, and data visualization.

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Custom Analytics solutions

No matter if you are planing to integrate a whole data warehouse solution to optimize business based on your needs, or if you just need specific assistance in mastering your marketing analytics with customer journeys and session attributions.

We will support you to get the most out of your data. 

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Shopify Analytics

Shopify customers have plenty of options to install any analytics tool. What's missing for us is to display the right KPIs to raise efficiency in your sales.
We developed a dashboard for our customers with multiple pages where we put all our eCommerce knowledge inside, showing sales, customer cohorts and even integrate marketing spend.

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eCom analytics solutions 


Tracking concepts
& implementations

Data predictions with ML models & AI

Infrastructure powered by
Google Cloud Platform

A single source of truth
Companies generate large amounts of data spread across multiple systems and formats.
In order to extract useful insights, all generated business data needs to be centralised in a single analytical database.
We automatically import, clean and enrich all your data to make it available in an analytical cloud-based database.


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ETL - Streaming and batch processing
Aggregating data from all systems in one centralised database.
Batch processing on Google BigQuery for fast and affordable processing, scheduled via Cloud Functions or Airflow.
Streaming processing on Dataflow for real time data analytics. 
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Cloud ML

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Cloud DataFlow





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Cloud Source Repository

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Empowering data science teams
Empowering data science teams by providing the necessary data infrastructure.
A comprehensive data lake with clean uniform data allows data science teams to focus on solving business problems.
Development and training of your models, schedulers for running them at low cost on serverless cloud infrastructure.
Dashboarding & visualization
Meaning visualisation plays a crucial role in adoption and trust of company-internal analysis as it is the only touchpoint with the data that most users have.
Our customized solution can be integrated with most of the leading visualization tools like Google DataStudio, Redash, or Tableau.
Start building your company based on data-driven decisions.


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Cloud SQL



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3rd Party Dashboard

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Cloud-based, serverless framework
End-to-end solution on Google Cloud Platform for a dynamically scalable, petabyte level infrastructure.
No need for expensive hardware or a dedicated engineering team to manage the data warehouse.
Maximum insights at minimal costs.
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meet our clients


Sven Schoderböck
VP eCommerce


We've been working with datadice since 2019.
The extremely skilled and talented datadice team helped us to build up our GCP based data warehouse infrastructure and develop sophisticated AI/ML solutions together with our in-house data science team.
Everything has worked smoothly and after less than 12 months we were able to build up a new BI team and processes that leveraged all data for dashboards, reports and tools for over 50 teams at Thomann. Couldn't be happier \m/


Robin Müller
CTO (-2021)


Working with the analytics tools we developed together with datadice allows us to gain real-time insights into our daily processes and subscriptions.


Based on those insights, we introduced a more user focused steering of our content across all channels, which is the foundation to grow our customer base and reach.


meet the team


Thomas Knorr
Founder / CEO

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He founded datadice in February 2019. Thomas values pragmatic solutions & problem solving and leading a team of high-performers working together in a feel good atmosphere. He loves kite-surfing, motorbike riding and enjoys the time with his wife and little daughter. Top 10 fastest lap ever in Coburg's Go Kart course. :)


Teodor-George Calina
Co-Founder / CTO

He’s the co-founder of datadice and therefore with datadice from the beginning. He’s a bad-ass data engineer, the tech heart of the organisation and covers the responsibility for all dev topics. Teo lived 4 years abroad in China, so he loves to travel and see new cultures. Due to his time in China, he’s now a big fan of hiking and KTV!


Ricardo Ancona
Lead Project Manager

He’s the project owner of datadice and pulling all strings in our projects. Ricardo used to own a cinema and a café in Mexico and now lives in Berlin. He’s open minded, thinking outside of the box and perfectly structured. Semi-professional nose flute player.


Data Engineer / Web Tracking Specialist

He’s “the” perfect data analyst and our online marketing / web analytics expert. Alex is internationally known as the "award winning narrator” for our udemy course(s) and youtube channel. He’s a cinema maniac, knows every movie, is a serious gamer and founder of the official “datadice F1 fanclub”.


Data Lead Musikhaus Thomann

Arman is our data lead for Musikhaus Thomann. If you ask him, without an opinion, you're just another person with data. Arman likes "Dachshunde" and is a Eintracht Frankfurt fanboy but I guess we can fix that over time. His dream is owning a 911 oldtimer, we hope he takes us for a ride!


Data Analyst

She's a smart data analyst on her way to become an even better data scientist. Vaishu is a graphic designer, artist, traveller and a food gourmet. As a talented artist we love to have video calls with her as her beautiful paintings are decorating her wall. 



She’s a California native with Mexican roots who studies Psychology in Berlin. (wow!). Brenna creates our powerful dashboards, is a self taught musician, linguist, writer, "chess maniac" and a traditional Mexican cuisine expert to “spice up” our legendary Taco Tuesdays.



He used to live at the beautiful Lago Maggiore (Swiss side!!) and we’re still trying to figure out why he moved away from there. Alan is a data engineer but also data analyst, so he’s an all-rounded mastermind. He’s a cryptocurrency expert, enjoys nature and electronic music.


Here we already reserved some space for you. If you are 100% data-driven, a quick learner, and enjoy spending time with colleagues who are sharing the same passion:

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