datadice is your data boutique. We help you structure your data, get better insights, and take smarter business decisions to save time & money.

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Data analysis consists of three parts:



you need to EXTRACT data from multiple sources


you need to link, clean, LOAD & TRANSFORM data


you need to VISUALIZE data

Now, what can we offer you?

Datawarehouse solutions

Learn here how Data warehouse work, how they differ from other data stores, and how you as a company can benefit from data warehousing.

Data strategy solutions

Working with big data experts helps your company unlock the power of data to its advantage

Tracking implementation

In today's business climate, running a website without web analytics is like steering a ship without a compass.
Let us be your compass

Data preparation

The process of transforming raw data so that data scientists and analysts can run it through machine learning algorithms to uncover insights or make predictions.

Data visualization

The main goal of data visualization is to make it easier to identify patterns, trends, and outliers in large data sets.  
Find out how we can help you better understand your data.

Custom analytics

Individual and professional advice to our customers is one of the most important pillars in our daily customer contacts.

And, who are we exactly?

Datadice Team playing Table Football

...or better say, who we are not!

We do not give you the struggle of complex dashboards, inflexible software that is hard to adjust after implementation or are experts in endless projects.

We as well had enough of all these kinds of BI solutions out there.

We are hence a Berlin & Coburg based team of data loving experts, who are shaking up the industry and offer you: simple & easy to grasp dashboards that you can use already after 1-2 weeks - no need for you to worry about any technical issues that are handled in the background by us.

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