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Datadice Team playing table Football

Our Story

At datadice, we're passionate about all data analytics solutions. Since our founding in 2019, we have been dedicated to delivering exceptional datawarehouse and business intelligence solutions to our customers. Our journey began with a simple mission: to provide innovative, highly tailored and customised solutions that help businesses grow and thrive.

Our mission isn't just about data; it's about people. We're driven by a deep-seated belief that every business, regardless of size or industry, deserves the tools to thrive. We're not just here to provide solutions; we're here to be your partner, your advocate, and your guiding light on the path to success.

Since our inception, we've been on a relentless pursuit of excellence. From our very first client to the 50th, and every dashboard we've crafted in between, our journey is etched with stories of transformation. We're not just building dashboards; we're building dreams, one data point at a time.

At our core, we believe in teamwork, integrity, and innovation. These beliefs shape our culture, driving us to collaborate effectively, transparency, and constantly seek new ways to excel.

In the days ahead, we're dedicated to providing you with user-friendly dashboards that are ready for use in just 1-2 weeks. We'll take care of the technical details behind the scenes, so you can focus on propelling your business forward with confidence.

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Our Values

The core mantra that drives everything we do

Best logic wins



Respect & diversity

Technical excellence

Empowering people

Our History
Datadice team discusses solution approach


Founded the company in coburg with one employee - 2 customers: Thomann & Netto.


First hire

2 new employees with Alex & Ricardo - lots of new customers and a second office in berlin.


Growing the Team

Expansion of the team to 15 employees consisting of data analysts, engineers & project managers.


Path to Glory

1 million+ revenue in one year - having now a racing simulator in the office, which was a promise we made 2 years ago.

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Our office

Visit our office in the city center of Coburg


Mauer 2, 96450 Coburg